Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™ (CDFA™)


A Financial Advisor who has earned the Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™ or CDFA™ designation has undergone an intensive training program to become skilled in analyzing and providing expertise related to the financial issues of divorce. The CDFA™ can help:

  • Identify the short-term and long-term effects of dividing property.
  • Integrate tax issues.
  • Analyze pension and retirement plan issues.
  • Determine if the client can afford the matrimonial home – and if not, what might be an affordable alternative.
  • Evaluate the client’s insurance needs.
  • Establish assumptions for projecting inflation and rates of return.
  • Bring an innovative and creative approach to settling cases.
  • Create both short-term and long-term financial/income plans and projections.

The use of the CDFA™ designation does not permit Wells Fargo Advisors or its Financial Advisors to provide legal advice, nor is it meant to imply that the firm or its associates are acting as experts in this field.

The Berrall Kons Wealth Managment Group and Wells Fargo Advisors do not provide legal or tax advice. However, its Financial Advisors will be glad to work with you, your accountant, tax advisor and or lawyer to help you meet your financial goals.